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Best Free PDF Readers for Android

By Rohit Ramesh on Wednesday 15th of Aug 2012

It is hardly a surprise that people nowadays read books on their smartphones. More often than not, they read PDFs and don’t end up using eBook readers for .epub or .mobi format files. Reading PDFs on phones has come a long way. 4.7″ displays with HD resolution add to the experience very much. PDF readers are readily available on Google Android Play Store. There was a time when Adobe Reader had a monopoly on the desktops, but there are so many alternatives on Play Store it’s hard to select a particular one. And best of all, they are mostly completely FREE of cost. Today we’ll be having a look at the best free PDF readers available on Google Play Store. Mind you, user experience differs from person to person depending on their likes and dislikes and adjusting ability to a particular interface.

1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is available on Android, and it is very good. Minimal in user experience, it gives you all that you really need without adding bloat or features not really necessary for daily reading of books or otherwise. It also supports text reflow, which is handy as you won’t have to swipe left and right all the time to continue reading, in case you are on a smaller screen device.  Adobe Reader is small in size, about 2MB supports Android 2.1 and above

Adobe Reader on Google Play Store

2. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko is a Book Reader by origin. It does a great job at that. Reminiscent of iBooks, the interface of this app is extremely slick and beautiful. Aldiko supports EPUB, PDF as well as Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks. It’s eBook store has more categories than the Kindle app itself, and has many many eBooks that you can read for free! Currently, over 7 million users use Aldiko. Sized at 6.5MB, Aldiko supports Android 2.1 and above.

Aldiko Book Reader on Google Play Store

3. ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer

ThinkFree Office is a handy app which can read MS Office Docs (Word/Powerpoint/Excel). It supports Google Drive as well. It has a simple and effective file manager, and it also allows you to store files online either on ThinkFree Online or Google Drive. The Lite version of this app is completely free, and it supports Froyo as well as ICS.

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer Lite on Google Play Store

4. APV PDF Viewer

APV PDF Viewer is a simple open source PDF viewer for Android. It is based on the MuPDF Library and it’s source code is freely available to modify and improve the app. The app is known for it’s simple and fast operation. However it does lack some features such as multi-touch zooming and also needs readability features like “Go To Page”. However, it is able to save your last page read from a PDF even if you switch the app, or your smartphone off which saves a lot of scrolling.

APV PDF Viewer on Google Play Store

That’s all for today. We hope you find a suitable app for yourselves among the above listed ones. If not, there are many more on the Play Store and one will definitely make you feel at home. If not, the Premium route is always open. Come back next time for a round-up of other handy apps on Android.

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