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SMS Tracker – Free app of the week

By Rohit Ramesh on Saturday 19th of Jan 2013

For people suspicious about their partners and for parents worried about the activities of their children comes a boon under the disguise of a downloadable mobile app known as SMS tracker. SMS tracker is a communication monitoring application that helps keep a check on all the SMS’s & calls being made and received by the intended user.

Using this application is really simple. The application needs to be installed on the phone of the person to be tracked. The app is available for download on the Android and iOS platforms. During installation, the user needs to create a user ID to which the details of the phone will be sent. When used for spying, the application will not be displayed anywhere in the phone therefore its presence is hidden from the knowledge of the subject. The user needs to just log in on the SMS tracker website which can be done remotely and access the dashboard to secretly monitor the activities of the phone. Here the user can see who the subject has been in communication with as well as read the complete content of the messages. It cannot, however, display emails and messages that are sent via third party apps such as WhatsApp, Viber etc.


The application also monitors Multimedia Messages(MMS), web access data as well as call records. Apart from this, the ‘Breadcrumbs’ feature of this app, helps you track the whereabouts of the subject through GPS.  Another great thing about this app, is that the contacts that are in communication with the subject, are displayed as the names stored in the phone, instead of the numbers providing a similar function to that of a caller ID. The app provides a 7 day free trial, after which the features are available on subscription, while SMS tracking remains free. Subscriptions are available on a monthly, quarterly and an annual basis. The app is hidden in the phone and therefore to uninstall the application, the user can simply go to the app store from where it was installed and he will find the uninstall button. With SMS tracker, nothing is private anymore.

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