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Buy Celkon Signature A107 One, A119Q Signature HD, Signature HD A118, A9+ for lowest online price

By Rohit Ramesh on Thursday 4th of Jul 2013

Celkon is one of the leading smartphone manufacturing companies in India. They have pioneered mobile phone solutions and wireless technologies in the country, catering to the increasing smart needs of mobile users.

Here’s a list of phones and their specifications to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Celkon Signature A107 One:


Celkon Signature A107 One

A very beautifully crafted phablet. Celkonn A107 sports a big and amazing 5″ screen and runs on a 1GHz Dual core MediaTek processor. Also housed under the tastefully done exterior is a 512 MB RAM. It also has a ROM of 512 MB and this whole cool contraption runs on Android 4.0(Ice-cream Sandwich) OS. The phablet has a battery of 2100 mAh which very well does it’s job of giving precise backup. Also, it sports a decent 8 MP shooter. A phone that is most suitable for those who look to them primarily for media consumption.

PROS: Really great configuration at a price of Rs.6990.

CONS:No 3G support.

Celkon Signature A107 One price in India and online availability:

Celkonn Signature A107 is available on online retailer Snapdeal for Rs.6822.

Celkon A119Q Signature HD:


Celkon A119Q Signature HD

A119Q HD is one seeming to be a successor of the A107, with a similar 5″ display. But on the other hand this one takes care of all the downfalls that its predecessor had. Sporting a 1.2GHz Quad core processor with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. This model also comes with a 12 MP shooter on its rear and a 3 MP camera on its front thus doing justice to those who want clearer pictures. Another upgrade would be the OS 4.1.2 (Jelly bean). Also it has 3G support which is another plus. All this within a price range of 11-13K.

PROS: 12 MP – improved clarity.

CONS: 2100 mAh – how is that going to be enough on a Quad core?

Celkon A119Q Signature HD price in India and online availability:

Celkonn A1119Q Signature HD is available on Snapdeal for Rs.12499.

Celkon Signature HD A118:


Celkon Signature HD A118

Signature HD A118 packs exactly the same specifications as that of the A119Q HD except for an 8 MP camera instead of the former’s 12 MP. It is a phone for those who want all the computing power, all the RAM and storage but are not very keen on the camera capabilities of the phone. This could be an option that fits well within the budget.

PROS:Almost same configuration as that of A119 but at a reduced price.

CONS: 2100 mAh battery can’t do justice to a power hungry Quad core processor.

Celkon Signature HD A118 price in India and online availability:

Celkonn A118 Signature HD is available on company’s official website for Rs.12499.

Celkon A9+:

a9 Plus

Celkon A9 Plus

Getting into the phone segment, Celkon has done a great job here too. Celkon A9 Plus houses a 3.5″ Display. It has a  1 GHz processor which sports a 512 MB ROM and 256 MB of RAM. It runs on Android 4.0 OS and also has a camera of 2 MP. A microSD card slot is also provided which gives it expandable storage of up to 32 GB. This is a great phone for those want an Android device and want to take advantage of the wide choice of apps and games.

PROS: Reasonable pricing.

CONS: Lack of LED flash, secondary camera.

Celkon A9+ price in India and online availability:

Celkonn A9+ is available on Snapdeal for Rs.3176.

All the phones that we have discussed in this article have other mandatory features like WiFi, GPRS and Bluetooth. And the most important of them all, all the models are Dual SIM phones. Celkon has done an amazing job at finding out what people want and giving shape to their demands in terms of these phones that they have released. These offerings will now offer a wider range of choices for those who are looking for Android devices at reasonable prices.

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