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Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android released in Australia and New Zealand, nearing worldwide rollout

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Sunday 6th of Oct 2013

Android casual gamers are now treated to a holiday season filled with sequels. After the recent launch of Angry Birds Star Wars II, people around the world could destroy evil pigs, Jedi Style. Now, PopCap Games, an Electronic Arts subsidiary, have …

Sony to start accepting Pre-orders for PS4 in India

By Ritij Khurana on Monday 30th of Sep 2013

Sony India has announced that it will soon be accepting pre orders for its PS 4. This console will be up for pre orders before it gets launched in India this year, as per the information posted on its Indian …

Angry Birds Stars Wars 2 lands on Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android

By Ritij Khurana on Friday 20th of Sep 2013

The Angry Birds Star Wars II, the continuation to the epic saga of the original Angry Birds Star Wars game, is now available live on the Store for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8. Users of Nokia Lumia 520 and …

New Sony PlayStation Vita is 20 percent thinner, comes in new colors with improved battery and display?

By Ritij Khurana on Tuesday 10th of Sep 2013

Slimmer, smarter, better – this is the idea in the tech world these days. Following this success mantra, Sony has announced an all new PlayStation Vita handheld. In this device, the Sony labs have managed to burn its fat by …

Sony Announces $100 ‘PlayStation Vita TV’ Micro-Console?

By Ritij Khurana on Tuesday 10th of Sep 2013

Apple TV may not have made as big a hue as some of its contemporaries by Apple Inc., however, it has stimulated many to jump into the arena. Japanese vendor Sony has come out with a new mini console named …

Sony Playstation 4 plans for India

By Ritij Khurana on Sunday 25th of Aug 2013

On 29th November, 2013 PlayStation 4 will be released in countries like New Zealand, Australia and Europe whereas the release date for US and Canada is November 15. Knowing this the Indian people wait eagerly for its launch in their …

Steam’s summer sale has great games at incredible discounts

By Harish Jonnalagadda on Monday 22nd of Jul 2013

For gamers worldwide, Steam is an invaluable resource. The game distribution service has been pivotal in the digitization of games and game-related content. They not only have the widest selection of games for Windows, they are now offering most of …

New trends in gaming

By Radhika on Sunday 30th of Jun 2013

The gaming industry today is all about the new trends and technologies that make gaming all the more real an enthralling. Gone are the days when sports only meant the physical games and the fun it evoked. Today’s generation is …

Xbox One VS PlayStation 4

By Aniruddh on Tuesday 11th of Jun 2013

The E3 Press Conference was in short a battle between two warriors, Microsoft and Sony. These brands gave the gaming community new light during the past few days by announcing the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Now, let us …

Sony finally reveals PlayStation 4 hardware at E3

By Salman Ravoof on Tuesday 11th of Jun 2013

Sony has finally unveiled the PlayStation 4 (PS4) hardware at E3 today. Gamers and fans were up in arms in February as Sony announced only the technical specifications back then while keeping the console’s design a secret. The PS4 takes …

A newer model of Xbox 360, Xbox One’s release month and it’s exclusive games announced

By Aniruddh on Tuesday 11th of Jun 2013

Yusuf Mehdi took the stage at the E3 Press Conference  to announce the newer model of the Xbox 360, bringing it back to life. The newer model has it’s design inspired by none other than the Xbox One. They say …

PlayStation 4 to be revealed today at the E3 Press Conference

By Aniruddh on Monday 10th of Jun 2013

PlayStation 4 will be unveiled at the E3 press conference. That feeling of a virtual reality seems to get closer and closer with this breaking news. The PS4 will enable game creators to interpret their imaginations in a way they …