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A Bunch Of Fitness & Activity Tracking Devices Revealed At CES 2014

By Aniruddh on Thursday 9th of Jan 2014

The CES 2014 was full of 4K television sets and activity trackers. Almost all the big brands are into a battle of winning a totally new smart device category; Fitness/Activity Tracking Devices. Inspired by this new found affection towards fitness, …

Nvidia Announces Their Next Generation Mobile Processor, Tegra K1 Featuring 192-Core GPU & ARM v8 Architecture Based ‘Denver’ Variant

By Asif Iqbal on Monday 6th of Jan 2014

Today, Nvidia has announced it’s next major SoC for mobile devices at the ongoing CES 2014 event. This new advanced mobile application processor promises to bring console quality graphics to mobile platform first time ever in the history of mobile …

Nokia is reportedly working on a Smartwatch

By Ritij Khurana on Saturday 5th of Oct 2013

Nokia has been as notorious for being mover into the new business areas much it is trusted for bringing out the most reliable products. While being the first mover may not necessarily help your way to the top, it certainly …

Elliptic Labs’ Ulltrasound based gesture recognition gets an Android SDK

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Wednesday 2nd of Oct 2013

The world is always moving towards new and creative ideas, focused on bringing dreams, visions, and even movie scenes to reality. In fact, many of the technologies and devices we see today were inspired by science-fiction or literature from the …

HP Envy17 Leap Motion SE : A glimpse into New Technology and the future

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Sunday 22nd of Sep 2013

Leap Motion, a cool piece of hardware making gesture control commercial, has gained immense popularity on the internet. The company so far managed to sell an impressive number of units, priced at $80 a pop. The Leap Motion controller is …

Android Device Manager : Remotely Locate, Wipe, Lock and Change password on your device

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Saturday 21st of Sep 2013

One major concern for all smartphone users stems from its smart nature. We log into all our accounts and store a lot of personal information on our devices. This is why many users are terrified of losing their device. SIM-lock …

Smartphones to identify you by your touch

By Ritij Khurana on Tuesday 17th of Sep 2013

Just after the launch of Apple’s brand new iPhone 5S recently, many reports claimed that the finger scanner function of the smartphone was really being appreciated by many who carried secret affairs outside their marriage. The personalized lock-unlock feature made …

Phonebloks : Can Modular Smartphones be more than a brilliant armchair theory ?

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Saturday 14th of Sep 2013

Smartphones are selling like hot cakes. Android is rumored to have around 1 Billion activations in the 5 years of its life, and Apple recently revealed over 700 million activations. That is a huge number, coming close to fragments of …

Apple patents a Flexible Hinge design for laptops

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Saturday 24th of Aug 2013

Laptops ( and phone, and tablets too ) may come and laptops may, go, but design is something that has always remained nearly constant. It is for good reason too. Consumers are always looking for greater laptops, lighter laptops, but …

Legion : Reinventing battery-based portable charging

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Saturday 17th of Aug 2013

The world moves towards smartphones. We all love smartphones despite their flaws. One major flaw is the need to charge every day or 2, sometimes even several times a day. We still love them and use them. That doesn’t stop …

CulCharge : Smallest Portable Charger making a Big Splash

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Wednesday 7th of Aug 2013

The big move of technology towards mobile phones and tablets has created a near infinite potential for innovation. Even the smallest, craziest ideas out there could make it big. On such Product is CulCharge, the ultra-portable charger and data cable. …

Canary : Home Security redesigned

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Wednesday 7th of Aug 2013

Home Security is a potential billion dollar market. In 2000, False Burglar alarms alone were estimated as incurring nearly $1.8 billion. Most people have dysfunctional security, or just don’t bother because of the complexity in response. Also, there comes the …