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Karbonn smart-tab-10 vs Zync z1000 vs Videocon VT10

By Rohit Ramesh on Sunday 30th of Dec 2012

Here’s an head to head comparison of 3 recently released budget tablets (INR 10k-11k) – Karbonn smart tab 10, Zync z1000 and Videocon VT10.

smart tab 10 vs vt10 vs z1000

Operating System :

The Zync Z1000 runs on an older Android 4.0 ICS (upgradable to 4.1 Jelly Bean) whereas the other two ship with Android 4.1 OS.

Display :

Not much ground here either to distinguish them. But the Videocon VT10 edges out with a slightly bigger 10 inch IPS capacitive display and a higher resolution (1280×800) compared to 1024×768 of the rest. IPS stands for In Place Switching which offers wider viewing angles than the standard TFT-LCD display. All the 3 tablets feature IPS screens.

Processor :

In terms of raw processing power all the 3 tablets are tied. Videocon VT10 packs the latest 1.5Ghz dual core Rockchip RK3066 processor based on ARM Cortex A9(the same architecture Apple A5 is based on) comparable to Samsung Exynos 4 in terms of performance. Given the low price, a chipset this powerful is quite a catch. Karbonn Smart tab 10 too runs on a 1.5Ghz dual core Cortex A9 processor but the exact CPU/GPU details are unknown yet. On the other hand the RK3066 contains a quad core Mali 400 GPU. The Zync z100 features a lower generation ARM Cortex A8 processor. Yet again Videocon VT10 emerges as the winner.

Memory :

Nothing to judge in terms of RAM. All the 3 have 1gb DDR3 RAM. But unlike the other two which ship with an internal memory of 8GB, suprisingly the Karbonn smart tab 10 lacks usable internal memory which can be detrimental to the sales of any tablet. All the 3 support an expandable memory upto 32GB. Here Videocon VT10 and Zync Z100 are tied.

Connectivity :

Needless to say all the 3 feature the standard Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.0 amd 3G. But the Zynz z100 also includes a 2G/3G GSM Sim card slot. If that’s your priority, the Z100 surpasses the other two.

Camera :

The Videocon VT10 outscores the other two with a 2MP front facing camera compared to a 0.3MP camera in the rest. All the 3 tablets feature a 2MP rear camera as well.

Battery :

The Zync z110 is powered by a slightly better (read negligible) 7000MAh battery against a 6800MAh battery in the other two.

Price :

Videocon VT10 : 11,200

Zync Z1000 : 10,990

Karbonn Smart Tab : 10,490

The Verdict :

It’s a close call between the Zync Z1000 and Videocon VT10. At just 200 bucks more, the VT10 is a better buy considering a better camera, resolution and of course the brand. But keep in mind the Zync Z1000 also includes a Sim card slot.

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