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Mobi-Lens: The clip-on camera enhancement!

By Rohit Ramesh on Tuesday 14th of Aug 2012

So far we’ve been living in the era of digital photo enhancement. Softwares and apps such as Instagram (on iOS, Android) and
Picasa (PC) have been enhancing photos by adding picture filters. There hasn’t been much progress in the field of lens supplements to enhance camera function.

Mobi-Lens is a new venture in this direction by Evette and Aris Allahverdian. It is a universal camera attachment which brings macro and fisheye lens configurations to mobile devices.

It consists of a clip and a camera lens attachment. The clip has been made such that it can hold on to any device with or without a case. The camera attachments can be changed by simply unscrewing the current attachment.

As mentioned previously, Mobi-Lens comes with two lens attachments:

  • Wide Angle/Macro: The Wide-Angle lens attachment allows for more scenery to be included in the shot due to a smaller focal length. This makes it easier to fit in those extra people who get cut out of the frame too often.
    The Macro lens allows capturing close range objects with minimal loss on image quality. There is almost no distortion/blurring in the picture.
  • Fisheye: This lens creates a visual distortion leading to a spherical/paranomic picture. Spherical pictures add a nice rounding effect to large landscape photos. See images below for illustration.

These tiny clips come in multiple colors and can withstand abuse. The lenses too come with protective caps to save them from dust and scratches.

Positioning of the lens remains completely adjustable throughout usage. Both rear and front facing cameras are supported by Mobi-Lens.

Check out these pics to get an idea of what it does


Mobi-Lens is compatible with a wide range of products ranging from phones and tablets to laptops. HTC, Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia are just a few names in the list! Compatibility is mainly affected by the thickness of the device (although there is no phone that thick).

This cool project is currently in its prototype stages and creators  are in the process of raising funds to finish the product and make it available to the public. They have raised $17,000 of their goal $34,000 goal. With a month to go, they should be able to meet their goals.

If you want to contribute to the development of this innovative product visit

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