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Oculus Rift: Step into the Future of Gaming!

By Sri Teja Prabhala on Sunday 19th of Aug 2012

3D Gaming is being adopted very soon. It has, till now, been the rich kid’s cup of tea. But, Palmer Luckey’s Oculus Rift is going to make it possible even for a gamer on a budget. But, as of now,it is only available for those who are interested in development. It costs around $300 for the basic version(assembled), and an unassembled one costs $275.

How good is the Kit?

Well, tech specs of the Dev Kit ,according to their Kickstarter page:

  • Head tracking: 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) ultra low latency
  • Field of view: 110 degrees diagonal / 90 degrees horizontal
  • Resolution: 1280×800 (640×800 per eye)
  • Inputs: DVI/HDMI and USB
  • Platforms: PC and mobile
  • Weight: ~0.22 kilograms

Considering it’s cost, it gives specifications which are enough for VR Gaming. But in the future versions we can expect to see an increase in resolution and/or FOV, and a decrease in thickness. But, as of now, it is very good!
Finally, it all gets down to the quality of image. We are yet to see how well it performs,which can happen when it releases. Having a decent spec-ed machine is enough to enjoy it, as it only outputs at 1280×800 3D resolution.But that is more than enough for the close range we play at.  Thus, all gamers, irrespective of whether they are casual or hardcore, can game on!
Developers, rejoice! The reason being that the SDK version is compatible with Windows,Mac,Linux, iOS. And already the Unity Engine and Unreal Engine support is included in SDK. Thats a huge Bonus!
So, how does it look?

The pre-release hype is building up so high that it is bound to find itself into our dens on Day 1! But what about games compatibility? Well, they got the basics covered. Doom 3 is ready to be played on this, dubbed as Doom 3 BFG Edition. The Oculus team is working with many game companies like id Software, Epic Games, Unity, Valve. Once it releases, we expect to see more companies follow suit.

This is what they have to say about this:

  • “What I’ve got now, is, I honestly think the best VR demo probably the world has ever seen.”
    John Carmack, id Software
  • “Needless to say, I’m a believer… We’re extremely excited here at Epic Games to get the Unreal Engine integrated with Oculus.”
    Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director Epic Games
  • “I think this will be the coolest way to experience games in the future. Simply that… that big.”
    David Helgason, CEO Unity.
  • “It looks incredibly exciting, if anybody’s going to tackle this set of hard problems, we think that Palmer’s going to do it. So we’d strongly encourage you to support this Kickstarter.”Gabe Newell, President and Owner Valve

Having such enormous support, we are sure that we wont be left alone with the Rift.

Oculus Rift in Action

Well, it would be great to support them on Kickstarter, but the makers are suggesting commoners to wait till it releases and not to go ahead with the development kits. This is what they say:

  • “We’re hoping to get more backers,” Oculus founder Palmer Luckey told Wired, “as long as they’re the kind that we’ve been targeting all along.”
  • “We don’t want [the funding] to go to $5 or $10 million because consumers are getting in on these developers’ kits”

So, we suggest you to hold your horses until the release,if you are not interested in development.

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