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A Bunch Of Fitness & Activity Tracking Devices Revealed At CES 2014

By Aniruddh on Thursday 9th of Jan 2014

The CES 2014 was full of 4K television sets and activity trackers. Almost all the big brands are into a battle of winning a totally new smart device category; Fitness/Activity Tracking Devices. Inspired by this new found affection towards fitness, brands have ventured into a sumptuous display of wearable devices.

Sony’s Core Fitness Tracker

Having already dealt with Smart Watches before, Sony is a rather experienced player when it comes to wearable electronics. Their new goal appears to release more devices which can interact with their Xperia smartphones. Their new fitness and activity tracking device, ‘Core’ is the smallest smart device ever developed by Sony. What makes this device special is, the versatility of it in spite being very small and simple. It can be slipped into a wide array of colourful interchangeable bands. Another important feature is a companion Android app which takes the data out of the Core, dubbed as ‘LifeLog’. It will help users in keeping track on their activity measurements as well as keeping track of all the important things in life such as photos you click with your friends or places you’ve visited. The app is not yet to available in the Google Play Store, but we expect it to be out as soon as the Xperia Z1 Compact becomes available for purchase. The Core has a battery life of 5 days and the only visible outputs are its three LED lights.

LG’s Lifeband Touch


Not always known for good looking products, LG came up with a surprise. They revealed the ‘LG Lifeband Touch’ activity tracker which was already leaked a day earlier by none other than @eveleaks.  It’s a good looking device that does everything a basic fitness tracking device is supposed to. It proves to be a perfect workout companion, as it shows all the essentials like number of steps taken, calories burnt and a lot of other important workout statistics. Heart rate can also be measured by pairing it with a special heart rate monitoring earphones which measures the pulse through the ear for accurate results. There’s an OLED touch screen on the LifeBand Touch which makes the device much more easier to use in comparison. Other stuff such as receiving notifications, accepting or rejecting phone calls and controlling the music can be accomplished by pairing this device with your smartphone. As expected, the device comes with its own Android or iOS app. It will also be compatible with existent apps in the app stores  such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and MapMyFitness.


Garmin’s Vivofit is a similar device and it looks like a crossmatch of Fitbit Force and Nike Fuelband. It tracks the number of steps taken and your current activity rate. In addition to this, the companion app also sets goals or targets for a particular day. This does not mean that the device sets unrealistic targets, the device learns from your previous activity levels and sets a target accordingly. If your current goal becomes more reachable, the device simply updates to a newer and more challenging target. It also has a handy red bar which fills up if you are stationary. It can also be paired with special heart rate monitors to get better results. Garmin also wants you to share your success with others and hence compete with friends. This can be achieved by means of the Garmin Connect community to stay in touch with people using Vivofit through this network.

Basis adds REM sleep tracking to its fitness bands


Basis has done something new to Basis B1 to improve an already accomplished device. This fitness band can now track different phases of a user’s sleep pattern. It essentially detects a state of REM, light, and deep sleep. In order to do this it obtains data from various sensors on the device like heart rate sensor, body temperature sensor and body perspiration sensor. It has an associated web app and an android app to make things more interesting. Depending on calculated results on your sleep, it tells you what kind of sleep needed, or if are you getting enough sleep of particular type.  They’ve also added a new 2014 Carbon Steel Edition device which is currently available on the Basis website for $199. The original version of the band, the Basis B1, is available for $179.

Razer Nabu Hybrid ‘Smart Band’ With Dual Screens

Razer Nabu Smart Band

Razer has surprised everyone with the release of Nabu, it’s hybrid fitness tracker cum smart watch. It is surprisingly thin and has dual OLED displays. While other smart watches display the notifications directly on their only screen, others can read the same data, which can invade your privacy. The smaller 32 pixels square screen displays just the app icon while the larger 128 pixels wide display shows the complete notification associated with that particular app. It can track a user’s location, altitude, steps, sleep and other data. It also has companion apps for both iOS and  Android. It can last up to 7 days on a single charge and while the price isn’t officially announced, they’ve hinted that it will fall under the $100 category.

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