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Android Grabs 79% Smartphone Market, Windows Phone Sees Fastest Growth In 2013

By Aniruddh on Monday 3rd of Feb 2014

Recently, IDC revealed that a little more than a billion smartphone were shipped in 2013. Their data also indicated a brand wise smartphone market share. This time, Canalys shows us statistical data about market share of major smartphone operating system. To no surprise, Android has a gigantic lead with none of the others in the picture of close competition. Of all the smartphones that were shipped in 2013, around 79% of them run Android operating system.

With 79% smartphone market share, Android has a gigantic lead over others.

With an Year-on-Year growth rate of 69%, Windows Phone was the fastest spreading among all the smartphone platforms. Meanwhile, the second largest smartphone OS, iOS finds itself at a saturation point by experiencing a meager growth of just 7%, and losing marketshare at the same time to Android and Windows Phone. On the other hand, Android finds itself comfortably poised with a sturdy growth rate of 54%, a good 10% above the smartphone market growth rate. Statistics indicate that Android will keep growing for a couple of years until it reaches its all time maximum market share. The appreciable growth of Windows OS is mainly due to Nokia’s successful regime. For those who love numbers, during last year, 785 million Android, 154 million iOS, and 32.1 million Windows Phone Smartphones were shipped last year. The real question here is whether there will be a time when the market finds itself in the midst of saturation.


It is obvious from the facts that Android, iOS and Windows Phone have no formidable opponents as of now. Last year, Blackberry saw its exile from the smartphone market, this eliminates any possibility of the OS making its way to shelves. Android takes the drivers seat as even its closest rival iOS doesn’t prove to be much of a threat. Moreover, Apple releases just around 2 major smartphones each year which is nothing compared to number of Android Smartphones released every year in comparison. In other words, Apple is a needle in the Android haystack. This leaves just a tiny ray of hope considering Windows Phone’s impressive growth rate.

Windows Phone registered fastest growth rate among all the smartphone platforms of 69% year-on-year.

Considering the fact that Nokia is now under the leadership of Microsoft, we can expect a twist of fate. The sole winner in the laptop world now has a chance to prove it in the mobile world. The company might come up with three or four handsets per year, but that may not be enough. In order to succeed and grab enough market share at the same time it is important that the OS is incorporated by other OEMs too. There are no major development as far as Windows Phones from other manufacturers are concerned but Sony, Xolo, Micromax and Archos are set to enter the Windows Phone smartphone market starting this year. Statistics suggest that more than 35% of the continuously growing market is up for grabs. It will be the deciding factor on whether the market saturates in another 5 years. The only thing that could upset the saturation is a major OS breakthrough. Smartwatches and other wearable devices may be the right way to go to upset that balance.

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