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Apple iPad mini just got better: comes with retina display

By Akshith Rao on Wednesday 23rd of Oct 2013

Finally the mini comes with the much awaited Retina display.

The one question on everyone’s mind for this event was, Will the iPad Mini come with a retina display ? Apple has apparently heard your prayers. It has just announced the iPad mini 2, and yes, it will have the much awaited Retina display. We will be getting the same resolution as the iPad (2048 x 1356 pixels) cramped into the smaller screen to give sharper images and text. This device will now be powered by the new A7 chip having 64 Bit architecture. It will also come with the new MIMO [Multiple In and Multiple Out] technology to give twice the Wifi speeds.  For sharing your experiences , the mini now boasts of a 5 MP isight camera and a 1080P facetime camera. This means your pictures and face time just got better.

Apple as always keeps up the 10 hour battery life promise.

This device will now be available in the black and silver versions.Apple has also announced two new covers to go with the iPad series. The smart cover will be available for $39 and the full wrap case covers will be priced at $79. These covers come in a striking color palette consisting of colors like yellow, blue, pink & green. The mini clearly was miles ahead of the competition, and now with a better processor and an amazing display it makes the game tougher. Google might just need to go back to the drawing board to compete with this new device.

It will be available by the end of November at a starting price of $399. Apple will not be phasing out the elder iPad mini , but will offer at a lower price of $299 which is great news for consumers.

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