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Apple revamps MacBook Pro series : Light ‘n’ Speedy

By Surajkumar Harikumar on Tuesday 22nd of Oct 2013

We’re coming to you live blogging the Apple event in San Francisco, on the 22nd of October. After the recent iPhone 5S and 5C release, Apple have had a great opening weekend, with over 9 million devices sold, officially the biggest iPhone launch party. Ever. Also, 64% of all iDevices now run iOS 7, which is quite a staggering number. It shows the sheer influence of a market leader like Apple on the consumer base. Today’s event however, is dedicated to the Laptops and the Tablet segments, and Apple just unveiled the refreshed version of the MacBook laptop series.

The MacBook Air already got a Haswell refresh a while ago, and today, the Macbook Pro series joins in.

The MacBook Air already got a Haswell refresh a while ago, and today, the Macbook Pro series joins in. The Haswell chip enhances battery life to a large extent, and Phil Schiller from Apple just unveiled the refreshed specs of the MacBook Pros.

The 13” Pro has a major design over-haul, and now weighs in at just 3.46 pounds, and is 0.71” thin. The new Pro comes with a 2.4 GHz dual-core i5 4th Generation ( Haswell chip ). Apple claims nearly 9 hours of battery life, enough to watch the Batman trilogy in all its awesomeness. The Laptop will also be the first of its kind to boast Intel Iris ( 5000 series ) of Graphics card, offering over 90% improvement in the Graphics performance. The 13” pro comes with 4 GB of DRAM, and a 128 GB SSD.

The 15” Pro also has a similar design overhaul, but comes with a Crystalwell Chip and a 2 GHz quad-core i7 Haswell processor . It also boasts Intel Iris, with an option to add the nVidia GeForce GT750M GPU which reduces the battery life to about 8 hours, but gives a drastic graphics boost. From what we’ve heard of Haswell though, the Iris is capable of great things all on it own. The 15” Pro comes with 8 GB of RAM, and a 256 GB SSD

Both devices pack 802.11ac support, Retina displays and Thunderbolt 2 ports. Also, they will out-of-the-box run OSX Maverick, which also received a refresh today. The 13” MacBook Pro is priced at $1299, and the 15” will sell at $1999. The older MacBook Air sells at $999 and $1199 for the size variants.

It looks like Apple haven’t forgotten about the loyal laptop base in the mobile race, and is the first of  its kind to push out new hardware, packaged with great software integration. More on the live event as it continues.

VIA TheVerge
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