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Google Updates Chromecast With New Streaming SDK

By Asif Iqbal on Wednesday 5th of Feb 2014

Google wants to enter the consumer market and that is eminent from a series of steps that Google has taken, be it the acquisition of Nest Thermostat or the release of Google Chromecast. After the introduction of Google Chromecast with a limited number of functions, Google is providing it a steady flow of software updates. Of what can be considered as a major update to Google Chromecast and a big push to its ecosystem, Google has opened up the development of Chromecast compatible apps by releasing a new streaming SDK. Now any device with Android v2.3 Gingerbread or higher can use Chromecast and compatible apps to stream content from their device to their television.

Now, any iOS, Android or Chrome app developer can include the ‘Google Cast Ready’ functionality.

Prior to this, only a handful of apps such as YouTube, Netflix and Plex were able to use Google’s cheap solution for streaming content to television from iPhone, iPad, Android and Chrome web browser. This public software development kit allows any iOS, Android or Chrome app developers to access the ‘Google Cast Ready’ branding. According to Google’s app design guidelines, the cast button should always be visible to the user on a consistent location, no matter what the user is doing inside the application.

Google Chromecast is turning out to be a cheap alternative to Apple’s AirPlay standard.

Koushik Dutta, famously known as Koush and a developer of famous Android applications such as ROM Manager and AllCast has already released an update with this API. AllCast can now stream all kinds of common multimedia content to Google Chromecast. We can now expect a lot of other multimedia applications to use this feature to stream various kinds of media files or even screen mirroring of some kind. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see Google Chromecast turning out to be quite a cheap alternative to Apple’s AirPlay devices and ecosystem of applications.

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