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Lenovo is negotiating an acquisition of HTC

By Ritij Khurana on Friday 11th of Oct 2013

A lot has been in news about HTC going through a very turbulent phase. They have been dealing with issues of drop in flagship sales, supply bottlenecks and patent infringements. The Taiwanese company is facing loses on different fronts including the loss of its partnership with Beats Audio.

Now we hear rumors that an acquisition is possible some time soon. Lenovo, a leading manufacturer of laptops, is planning to buy HTC. Lenovo is in talks with HTC for discussing the possible terms of the acquisition deal which is bound to take place by the first half of the coming year. No details are out about the worth of the deal, though it has been reported that meetings have been in order since late August. On the other hand, HTC has not officially confirmed anything so far.

Though HTC will lose its independence, it has other things to gain from this deal. The major three benefits of this acquisition are:

  • As Lenovo has a strong hold in the Chinese market and other markets of other nations across the globe, HTC will get access to more territories and larger market share. This may enable HTC to re-emerge as a better brand and experiment with advancing technologies along with Lenovo.
  • Secondly, HTC has not been successful in creating its mark in the tablet market and has, hence, always kept its focus on smartphones. However, with Lenovo, HTC may get something more because Lenovo tablets are immensely popular for their wide range of features and services and brilliant quality.
  • Third, if the acquisition takes place, HTC may get an exciting opportunity to increase its resources, hardware products as well as do research and development via different technological affairs from Lenovo.

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