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Micromax adds A57 to its Ninja Series

By Rohit Ramesh on Friday 31st of Aug 2012

After a successful stint with budget phones in India, Micromax has released  the next in the Ninja series – the A57 Superfone Ninja 3. Micromax have upped a notch in it’s processor and RAM from A57 Superfone Ninja 2.


This Dual SIM phone will be powered by a 1 Ghz processor, an improvement considering that the previous version (A56, Ninja 2)  was powered by a 800MHz processor. The other parts of the phone including the screen and camera are same as the previous version. Another change is the additional 256 MB RAM (512 MB) compared to Micromax A56. A57 has a 3MP camera (3.15MP in A56) and Bluetooth version 2.0(3.0 in A56) which shouldn’t be an issue taking in the lower price. The notable spec is the 3.5 inch Capacitive touch screen which is hard to come by at this price in phones by other manufacturers. The extra SIM slot is just icing on the cake. The preinstalled OS is Android 2.3.5 but can be upgraded to 2.3.6


Priced at Rs. 4999, its cheaper than the A56, making it a better option than Ninja 2. At this range, it’s definitely a good buy as similar phones from Samsung cost nearly twice as much. You have two colours: yellow and black, to choose from.


Micromax Superfone A57 Ninja 3.5 Quick Specs

OS Android 2.3.5 Processor 1 GHz
Touchscreen Capacitive touchscreen Display Resolution 320 x 480 pixels
Display 3.5" TFT Primary Camera 3.0 MP
Dimensions 116 mm x 62 mm x 11.50  mm Weight 95 g
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