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Nokia is reportedly working on a Smartwatch

By Ritij Khurana on Saturday 5th of Oct 2013

Nokia has been as notorious for being mover into the new business areas much it is trusted for bringing out the most reliable products. While being the first mover may not necessarily help your way to the top, it certainly helps in garnering the initial momentum. This time the Finland based handset maker is playing a catch up game in the smartwatch market. After the recent launches from Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm, Motorola and even carmaker Nissan, the company is probably contemplating an entry into the smartwatch market.

Nokia Smartwatch 2

There are pictures circulating on some Chinese websites of the prototype of smartwatch. The device is bearing a logo of Nokia, hence strengthening the speculation. However, the pictures are of very poor resolution and may prove out to be fakes.

From design point of view, there are tabs on either sides which may be meant to be attached to the strap. There are many loopholes in the design which enforce the belief that these pictures could well be fake. For example, the front panel has no space for the display unit to fit in. Similarly, the slots for watch strap are not evenly spaced as opposed to what we are habitual of seeing in the designs used by Nokia.

There is another possible angle to the story. There were speculations that Microsoft is planning to launch its own smartwatch. After the acquisition, the project may have come to the joint team. Looking at the Nokia-Microsoft collaboration in the past, it is anybody’s guess which operating system any such device use. However, we will have to wait for sometime to see if these photographs are real or not. And even if there is anything as such in plans, how does it face the competition from the existing players as well as the ones who are planning their entry.

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