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Apple on Talks with Authentec for a Secure Future!

By Sri Teja Prabhala on Saturday 18th of Aug 2012

If there is one thing that Apple hasn’t done yet, it is Biometric Security. None of the competitors ever tried this in past. Even if they did, it was rarely used. But, things are about to change now.
Ever since Apple acquired Authentec, speculation was rife that Apple has been digging up their files, and checking all their old projects and research. And when they were, they found the 2D Biometric Fingerprint Sensor to be very useful. If the rumors are to be believed, Apple is rushing it. They are on serious talks and it may eventually be seen in the next iPhone iteration, if not the upcoming one.

It all started in Late 2011, when Apple and Authentec had talks over acquisition. On May 1, it offered a $7 per share, about 115% premium over the closing stock, the previous day. This pricing was what Apple felt, other players are not willing to pay. But on May 2, Apple became more serious, by telling that Authentec would be facing challenges when it has to rival many other companies,with new technologies, on different platforms, and so it would be easier on Apple’s narrow platform.
Later, Apple Informed Authentec it wont be attending the auction, due to its short timeframe and hence negotiations must proceed quickly.
But, after Authentec found out that there were some issues in the filing, it decided to leave Apple aside and go ahead with the auction.

Between July 1 and 3, both went on with their serious talks and continued to “Design and Develop Technology for Apple”, and re-negotiating the terms, thereby burying the past. Finally Apple had to shell out a $8 per share, and licensing fee amounting to $135 million, thereby taking control over Authentec.

Now You may have one Question in Mind. Why does this matter?

Well, it is what is going to shape the future. Believe it or not, we will be using our mobile phones for more than what we are using now. People in the US or EU are already using Google Wallet or will be using Apple’s Passbook for transactions. But the fear of security is still present in a few. Using Biometric Sensors, we can eliminate unwanted/unauthorized usage  of our mobile devices(iPhone in this case).

This new technology will easily complement the iOS6 Passbook feature and hence, speculation is that Apple will introduce a Mobile Fingerprint Reader in iPhone 5.

Whether it will see the limelight or not, we are yet to see.

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