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Blackberry 10 to feature Snapdragon S4 Pro? RIM clears the air on LTE

By Rohit Ramesh on Monday 27th of Aug 2012

After falling back in the smart phone race, Research In Motion (RIM) hopes to gain some ground with its Blackberry 10 devices which are expected to be released next year. Along with a full touch screen and a HD resolution display, according to rumours Blackberry 10 phones will be powered by Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core chipsets, while officials at Qualcomm already confirmed that they would feature a Snapdragon S4 chipset. This is definitely some good news for Blackberry users considering that RIM has been more of a silent spectator in the past year.

More about Snapdragon S4 Pro

Snapdragon S4 is the latest generation of Qualcomm flagship System on Chip (SoC) chipsets.  The Pro version is manufactured by 28nm semiconductor technology.  1.5 GHz Quad Core processors built on ARMv7 instruction set delivers more than enough raw processing power. For your gaming needs, Snapdragon S4 Pro features the Adreno 320 GPU which undoubtedly is among the best of the lot out there.

Display Resolution

The probable inclusion of Snapdragon chipset just adds to the fervour surrounding Blackberry 10 devices that was instigated by the official announcement made recently regarding its display resolution. For the first time, the full touch devices will feature a display resolution of 768 x 1280 where as those with a keyboard come with a lower resolution of 720 x 720. Only the first set of BB10 phones will come with a 768p resolution and the later models will feature the rather standard 720p HD resolution.

What the heck is LTE?

After RIM came out with its decision to release LTE Blackberry Playbook 4G this year, the LTE tag left a lot of us clueless as to what it really means. This “What the heck is LTE anyway?” video on their YouTube channel clears the air. The video reveals that LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution” of wireless standards which is the 4th generation wireless standards. That implies better download speeds (from 2 times to 10 times better) and even faster upload speeds (5 times to 10 times faster) compared to existing wireless standards.

By the time RIM comes out with BB10 phones, what needs to be seen is if its competitors would come up with even better devices and push BB10 down the line. Nevertheless, if rumours are to be believed, BB10 sure has the specs for a contemporary high-end smart phone.

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