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Samsung Galaxy Nexus GT-i9260: Successor to the Galaxy Nexus

By Rohit Ramesh on Tuesday 21st of Aug 2012

It is no surprise that Samsung will be one of the manufacturers of the next generation of Google Nexus Phones. Today, we have a leaked slide telling us all about the next Galaxy Nexus from Samsung. Hold on, because it ain’t that great.

We have fresh rumors telling us many spicy details of the much anticipated successor to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google’s flagship smartphone (launched with Android 4.0 ICS, currently running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean). Before you get all excited, you have to keep in mind that this is all speculation based on a small leaked image by SamMobile.comLet’s have a look:

The table says it all. The new Galaxy Nexus GT-i9260 goes by the code-name “Superior”. While we believe it to be a coincidence (since simply put, this is a superior version of the Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250), but the phone doesn’t exactly feel that superior. A flagship smartphone to be launched towards the end of 2012, with a dual-core seems a bit too less. We have to keep in mind that multiple manufacturers are working with Google on the next Nexus smartphones, and probably some other company got to make the flagship (but which one, we are yet to know any details on that).

The new Galaxy Nexus retains the same 4.65″ SuperAMOLED HD(1280×720) display. The processor gets bumped up slightly to 1.5 GHz, but inside still ticks a dual-core based on ARM Cortex A9 (relatively old now). The camera has been bumped up slightly (as each generation passes) to 8 MP rear camera and a 1.9 MP front camera, coinciding nicely with the Galaxy S3 specifications (we won’t be surprised if it’s the same camera modules, in which case the 8 MP camera would be capable of 1080p @ 30fps and the front 1.9 MP camera can do 720p @ 30fps for your self-shots or videos or just video calling/chatting purposes). The internal storage remains fixed at 16 GB.

What is particularly interesting is the inclusion of a micro SD card slot. A first for Nexus devices, this tiny new addition finally allows people to freely expand their storage by another 32 or 64 GB (depending on SD card support) for those who carry big data on their mobile handsets. A simple feature which was being denied to the Nexus phones for far too long for reasons unknown. Sometimes, tiny features like an SD card slot or a Front Camera can go a long way to change the way people look at a particular smartphone (look at the Sony Xperia U, which is nearly a flop thanks to it’s fixed 4 GB internal storage, totally unacceptable in the digital age of 2012). And adding these features hardly cost much to the manufacturers too.

All in all, the phone looks like an incremental update rather than a full blown upgrade and truly next-gen Nexus smartphone. The coming months are going to be very exciting, revealing more about the iPhone 5 (and it’s launch), the imminent launch of the Galaxy Note II, S2 Plus, S3 Mini and the wave of new Nexus Smartphone by Google. Q3 end and Q4 2012 is just getting heated up.

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