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Sony Xperia D6503 “Sirius” Screenshots Leak In Entirety, Brings 4K Videos & Front Stereo Speakers

By Abid Iqbal on Tuesday 21st of Jan 2014

We have already covered the recently leaked upcoming high-end Android from Sony, the Xperia D6503 codenamed “Sirius”. Today, there has been a huge revelation about this smartphone. A bunch of screenshots from a near final build of Xperia D6503 have been leaked and they do confirm a lot of reports as well as revealing other details about the device which haven’t been known until today. Although looking at the hardware, it doesn’t seem to be anything less than a new flagship from Sony, we can’t be sure that it is  in fact the Xperia Z2 because of its model number, which falls in line with the Xperia ZL (C6503), so it will probably be a replacement to it, not the Xperia Z1. Also, Sony has recently stated the Xperia Z1 will continue to be their flagship device for the rest of 2014. Starting with the hardware, it will sport a 2.26GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974AB) with 3GB of RAM and a 4.9″ display with Full HD resolution. There is a 20.7MP camera sensor at rear and 2.1MP camera sensor at the front. The phone will launch with Android 4.4.2 KitKat along with Sony’s new customisations. Let us have a look at other exciting details.

4K video recording and Slow Motion video

Sirius 4K Rec Sirius System Information

Even Xperia Z1 was rumoured to come with 4K video recording but it didn’t make it through in the official announcement. But, the Xperia D6503 will come with dedicated camera modes to record videos at 4K resolution. It can also record slow-motion videos through the “Timeshift Video” mode which clearly confirms that it can record high frame rate videos. This is already present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Apple iPhone 5s as both of them can record videos at 120FPS. If this device turns out to be the Xperia ZL1, the Xperia Z1 will get these options too with Android 4.4.2 KitKat update which is set to land any time next month.

Android 4.4 KitKat with Sony’s new UI customisations & Translucency Effect

Sirius AboutSirius Transluency Effect Sirius Transluency Effect 4

Sirius Transluency Effect 3Sirius Transluency Effect 2Sirius Menu

 Sirius Menu 3 Sirius Menu 2Sirius Multi Tasking

The UI now comes with translucency effect that is the transparent status bar and navigation buttons, the background colour is customisable. The Translucency effect can also be found in the menu section. With this addition of this small option, now you can close all the recent tabs at once.

New Small App “Touch Block” Confirms That D6503 Is Water Resistant

Sirius Mini Apps Sirius Calender

The new small app ensures that the display does not automatically turn on when its exposed to water. This confirms that this phone will indeed be water-resistant, just like the Xperia Z1. It will also get the new calendar app with cleaner looks.

New Quick Settings tab in Notification Bar & complete control over notifications

Sirius Notification Bar Sirius Notification Bar 2

Sirius Personalisations Sirius Apps

Now the notification bar has two tabs, one for notifications and the other for Quick Settings (Toggles), similar to the one found on HTC One and other Nexus devices. The toggles can be edited such as you can remove the unwanted toggles or you can even change the order they get displayed in.

Extensive customisation options with selectable Launchers, Messaging Client & Downloadable Xperia Themes

Sirius Settings Sirius Selectable Home Screen Sirius Network Options

Sirius Simple Homescreen 3Sirius Simple HomescreenSirius Xperia Themes

There is a new setting that will allow a user to select the launcher for your home screen. ‘Xperia Home’ is the Sony’s Standard launcher while the ‘Simple Home’ is for the people having difficulty in reading small fonts. The default SMS app can now be changed to your preference. The new personalisation menu also allows a user to select themes from “Xperia Themes” or by downloading the other themes from Sony Select Store. There is also a setting for clearing all the notifications after a user has had a look at them by scrolling down the notification bar. There is also an option to have a complete control over notifications as you can customise the applications that can display send you a notification.

Sony’s “What’s New”, Glove Mode, Tap To Wake And Smart Backlight Control

Sirius What's New 2Sirius What's New

Sirius Dislay OptionsSirius Backlight ControlSirius Display Extra Features

It seems that Sony has an alternative to Google Now, dubbed as “What’s New”. The feature is visible after you swipe up from the home button. There is a new “Glove Mode” that will enable a user to interact with the screen even when they are wearing gloves, which is similar to the one found in Nokia’s Lumia range of smartphones. “Smart Backlight Control” is similar to Samsung’s Smart Stay, This feature keeps the screen awake as long as you are looking at it and will turn the screen off when you are looking away. Tapping twice on the display wakes up the screen. This is same feature found on LG G2 and Sony Xperia Tablet Z itself.

All New Power Management Options & Built-in Answering Machine

Sirius Power Management Sirius Answering Machine Sirius Answering Machine 2

There will be an integrated answering machine where the user will have options to enable it at particular time and can also choose a greeting for that. Sony power management options including STAMINA mode are very popular and practically useful. Now the power management is divided into two categories; Device and Accessory. Device tab is similar to the one found in current smartphones but the accessory tab is new, there is no information about this.

The “Printing” & Low-Power Location Features From Android KitKat Are Included

Sirius Printing Option Sirius Location Services

The newly introduced printing option from the Android v4.4 Kitkat is included in system settings of the Xperia D6503. There is no information whether this can communicate with third party apps. But we expect that this will work same as it works on Nexus 5. The new location services from Google are included here as well. The option to set High Accuracy will turn on the GPS when required and the Low Accuracy will only enable A-GPS, these new options also help in saving the battery.

Stereo Front Speakers with S-Force Sound, “High-Res” Audio Recording and Audio Accessories

Sirius Sound Options Sirius High-Res Audio Via USB

Now, you can play “High-Resolution” audio by connecting the device to an external USB audio amplifier. There is also a new “Audio accessories” section which, according to our expectation, can help in pairing with music devices to use their features such as noise cancelling and mic. According to XperiaBlog their sources strongly hint that the phone will come with dual frontal stereo-speakers with Sony’s famous “S-Force” sound engine. If this is true, the very popular HTC Boom Sound will soon have a compelling competitor.

According to the screenshots, Sony has included each and every option that a smartphone user could wish for. Sony is rapidly making progress in mobile devices by including all the features from Android KitKat. They are also using the latest chipset and improvements in camera hardware to make it the best camera phone in the market. Many tests show that the Xperia Z1 falls behind Lumia 1020 and ranks 2nd in the camera comparison. Sirius is expected to improve the camera performance even further. The complete firmware build strongly hints that the phone will be launched in the MWC next month in Barcelona. This could be a very early release as the current flagship Xperia Z1 was launched only 4 months ago, if this mysterious device turns out to be Xperia Z2. The phone will strongly compete with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC M8. The competition will be very tough this year as everyone is bringing devices with cutting edge hardware and software. Stay with us to know more about the upcoming leaks and new devices.
IMAGE CREDIT DooMloRD and iRimas
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