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Windows 9 Arriving April 2015, Windows Phone & Windows RT May Be Merged

By Aniruddh on Tuesday 14th of Jan 2014

As per recent reports, the successor to the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system may debut as early as April 2015. Clearly, there was a lot of fine tuning to be done after the release of Windows 8 which also introduced the whole new metro-styled UI. In spite of Windows 8 having considerably faster boot times and a lot of under the hood performance tweaks, many desktop users did not like the fact that the new UI was more touch-oriented than the conventional Windows. This also included the removal of the famous ‘Start’ button which we all loved so much, creating a rather alien feel to the UI. Windows 8 was like a bad dream, especially after a very successful performance of Windows 7 in 2009.

Microsoft might reveal Windows 9 codenamed as “Threshold” in BUILD 2014 conference while final release may be as early as April 2015

At the upcoming BUILD 2104 developer conference, Microsoft will supposedly enlighten us with a new release of Windows operating system code-named as “Threshold” which will be later released as the Windows 9 in April, 2015. Microsoft will also reveal details about various changes and new features in Windows 9. This new version would probably focus more about integrating metro UI with the desktop, and we hope to see the Windows 7 style start menu coming back. Windows 8.1 was a good step in that direction with an always visible Start button on the task bar.

Nokia MoneyPenny Screenshot Leaked

A newer version of Windows Phone might be revealed whose screenshots were leaked earlier this year by none other than @eveleaks. Windows Phone 8.1 might feature notifications centre, support for on-screen buttons as well as dual SIM card support. The much rumoured Xbox TV might also be revealed this April but we better take it with a pinch of salt.

Reports suggest that Microsoft may finally merge Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems

Reports suggest that Microsoft may finally merge Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems, which is very similar to the strategy of iOS and Android who have similar user interfaces and features for both smartphones and tablets. For now, the major concern for April 2014 is Windows Phone, Xbox TV, and a new update to the recently released Windows 8.1. The Windows update feature is likely to be used to get the new Windows 8.1 update, and not via the app store. Microsoft will tell us more about three major releases to developers over the next 12 months, after BUILD 2014. Releases will also be made available to the public for testing, like all previous releases.

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