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Windows and Windows Phone may support Android Apps in the near future

By Aniruddh on Sunday 16th of Feb 2014

Windows Phone devices may support Android apps in the near future, reports TheVerge’s Tom Warren.  Coming from unnamed sources, it appears that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems may seriously consider Android App support. While views may differ within or beyond Microsoft, it might not be a bad idea to use Android Application support as a tool to further the growth of Windows Phone OS.

Windows will face the challenge of emulating Android Apps on a different runtime.

Windows Phone will not be the first mobile OS to support Android apps, we have seen that done quite successfully on operating systems like Blackberry OS 10, and Meego. However, the difference here is that Blackberry OS is a dying platform, and Windows is poised at a comfortable growth rate. Windows will face the challenge of emulating Android Apps on a different runtime, which is quite different from Dalvik runtime used in Android. The emulated apps must run smooth enough to compete with the masters in their own game. Windows Phone can take a leaf from the fact that Android Apps have been emulated on desktops through BlueStacks. It was pretty effective in rendering apps and games but with a few noticeable frame drops.

Another strategy used by Microsoft is to offer Windows Phone OS as a dual-boot option, as seen in ASUS devices. Also, Microsoft reportedly joined hands with HTC to include Windows Phone OS as a dual-boot option in its future devices.

It is good to know that Microsoft is thinking out of the box by setting foot where others like iOS would not. The fluid nature of Windows Phone OS and an added capability to run Android Apps could be just what it needs. Moreover, installing Windows Phone OS as a dual-boot option on flagship devices will give it the publicity it needs.

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