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Windows Phone 8.1 Features Leaked: File Manager, VPN, Battery Sense & More!

By Abid Iqbal on Tuesday 11th of Feb 2014

So, we finally know what’s coming with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update.  According to the leak, Microsoft sent out the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK invites to top developers. Just after they sent invites, a redditor wpthroaway has posted a lot of screenshots of features that are coming with Windows Phone 8.1. Here are all the features that you can expect in the next Windows Phone update:

Windows Phone 8.1 Features Leak USB Navigation Bar

Windows Phone 8.1 Features Power Battery Sense Messaging VPN

Windows Phone 8.1 Screenshots - Storage Sense, New Camera Modes, New YouTube Player

Upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Features:

  1. Default Messaging App: An ability to change the default messaging app can.
  2. File Manager (not completely confirmed): documentations mention file picker and file saver so there might be a file manager support at the time of release.
  3. On Screen Navigation Bar: As leaked earlier, Windows Phone 8.1 supports on-screen buttons for Start, Search & Back, similar to Android. Also, there’s an option to keep make them disappear when not needed.
  4. Action Centre: Leaked earlier, Windows Phone 8.1 will not support Action Centre which will house all the notifications and quick setting toggles.
  5. SD Card App Install: Apps can now be installed on SD card. But this can be overridden by app/game developer if they wish so.
  6. VPN support: Windows Phone 8.1 will support VPN networks.
  7. OneDrive: SkyDrive being renamed to OneDrive.
  8. New Music & Videos Apps: Music + Videos app is being replaced by Xbox Music & Xbox Videos.
  9. Battery Sense: An API to find which apps and features are eating away most of your battery
  10. Data Sense: Find which apps are consuming most cellular data.
  11. Storage Sense: Find which kind of files are consuming the storage on the device.
  12. Podcast App: Users can now subscribing and listening to podcasts.
  13. New Camera Modes: Image, Burst & Video modes just like what we saw in Nokia Camera.
  14. New YouTube Player: YouTube videos can now be played back in portrait mode as well.
  15. New Transitions: A lot of new transitions in the UI.
  16. WebGL support: Finally, support for WebGL in Windows Phone 8.1.
  17. Improved HTML5 Performance: Thanks to improved HTML5 performance, Windows Phone 8.1 now scores 372/555.
Microsoft will merge Windows Phone & Windows RT this year.

It looks like Microsoft is finally adding all the features that users wanted from a long time. File Manager support, notifications bar and an ability to install apps on SD card storage are some of the features that we one of the most wanted features. Microsoft will showcase them publicly in the upcoming BUILD 2014 conference in April 2014.

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