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Nokia Lumia 720 Review

Lumia 720 differs from its younger cousins, the 520 and 620, only in terms of increased screen size and better battery performance.

By Asif Iqbal on Friday 24th of May 2013


The Lumia line up from Nokia has something to offer to every potential buyer. After the popularity that Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 garnered, the Finnish manufacturer who is on a blazing comeback trail has launched the Lumia 720 to serve patrons looking for devices at a slightly higher price range.

Hardware and Design

Lumia 720 differs from its younger cousins, the 520 and 620, only in terms of increased screen size and better battery performance. This device emulates the Lumia 920 with its polycarbonate plastic body but is a tad slimmer than the former. The ultra-smooth curved edges are a delightful design element but can tend to make it difficult for those with butter fingers.

The phone has a 4.3” IPS LCD display and a 1.3 MP front camera. 3 capacitive buttons cover navigation. The back case is adorned by a 6.7 MP camera accompanied by LED flash. Both cameras have been upgraded when compared to the sensors on Lumia 520 and 620. The micro SIM tray on the top of the device turned out to be a tough cookie as it seals properly only after multiple attempts.

 The super-sensitive touchscreen recognizes inputs even from gloved fingers.

Nokia Lumia 720Display and Controls

The healthy 4.3” sized screen runs on a resolution of 800×480 and has a pixel density of 217ppi. Viewing angles and brightness score brownie points as the visibility remains satisfactory even under direct sunlight. The super-sensitive touchscreen recognizes inputs even from gloved fingers.

OS and UI

Lumia 720 runs Windows Phone 8. Live Tiles are the first things that pop into one’s mind when WP8 is mentioned. These tiles come to life vibrantly on the screen and the lack of a notifications tray is compensated by the ability to pin frequently used apps and even smaller details from apps to the start menu. The conspicuous absence of a good variety of apps and games is a downer here but the situation might change soon with new apps being built every day.

Messaging and Keyboard

Facebook chat is integrated with the SMS application so that you have all your communication clustered together at a single place. The keyboard layout is clear, easy to use and the responsiveness is excellent. Support for various international languages is available through downloads. Hindi is the only Indian language that is offered. Over time, the keyboard learns your style of texting and your phone will soon be completing your sentences.


Images are stacked by events, dates and people. Pictures from social networks are filed under “What’s New”. From the Gallery, you can edit images, share them through social apps, upload them to SkyDrive or share them with the Tap+Send option.


Music and Video Player

It is the quintessential music app that lets you browse through your track list, make playlists, mark favorites and of course, play music. Videos can also be played when they are synced from the desktop app. They can also be dragged and dropped. Custom playlists can also be pinned to the start screen for quick access.


Maps on Lumia 720 are a traveler’s delight with the Nokia HERE Maps and HERE Drive. Maps of particular countries and locations can be downloaded for offline use.


By installing the Windows Phone Companion desktop application, you can keep your phone on an electronic leash even if you were to lose the real one.


Camera and Image Quality

The primary camera is 6.1 MP accompanied by AF, LED flash and can capture decent images under low light conditions while doing justice to details. The camera can shoot 720p partial HD video @30fps. Sadly, this device does not have Nokia’s Optical Image Stabilization feature. There aren’t many camera tweaks either, except for the prosaic scene modes. Also, the shakiness of your hands may be translated into the image sometimes. The front camera, a 1.3MP shooter is adequate for self-portraits and video calls. However, there are a couple of interesting features in the form of alternate lenses that can be used. The Smart Shoot lens is most suitable for taking portraits and adjusting the appearance of faces and other cosmetic fixes. Another similar lens is the Glam Me lens that adds aesthetic beauty to the subject of your photographs.

Video Quality

Both the front and back cameras are capable of shooting videos at 720p. The quality is competent but the only qualm is the absence of full HD and 1080p resolution for recordings. Autofocus during videos does a good job with its accuracy and rapidity.

Connectivity, Social Media and Browser

Regular social media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have been baked into the OS. The phone has IE 9 as the browser and despite the IE jokes doing the rounds, this one is smooth, fast and supports multi-tabbed browsing. While webpages can be viewed better using the pinch-to-zoom, the sub-standard resolution doesn’t help things much. Connectivity is covered by WiFi, Bluetooth v3.0, A-GPS and data speeds up to 21 mbps.

App Store

The lack of apps is a burning issue with the Windows Phone ecosystem. But thankfully, things are picking up speed. Another dampener on this phone is the measly 512 MB RAM that is not equipped to run most graphic-intensive games. This is a serious deficiency and can be a deal breaker for many.


With a 2000mAh battery, there is simply no stopping the Lumia 720.
Events, contacts and inboxes can be synced and displayed from your various email accounts. Some accounts that are supported are Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Live Mail and Yahoo mail.

Battery Life

With a 2000mAh battery, there is simply no stopping the Lumia 720. The phone can do a marathon run of 2 days and last at least a whole day even in the face of heavy usage.


Nokia Lumia 720 Quick Specs

OS Windows Phone 8 Processor Dual-core 1 GHz
Touchscreen Capacitive touchscreen Display Resolution 800 x 480 pixels
Display 4.3" TFT Primary Camera 6.7 MP
Dimensions 127.9 mm x 67.5 mm x 9 mm Weight 128 g

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Lumia 720 can be your best buy if your requirements are limited to a good camera, super long battery life, decent screen and the looks of a flagship.

It is really a split decision as this phone excels at what it does have and well, there is no talking about what it does not have. Lumia 720 can be your best buy if your requirements are limited to a good camera, super long battery life, decent screen and the looks of a flagship.

However, if the inability to play games threatens to spoil the whole smartphone experience for you, you might do better heading over to the Android side of the market.

Nokia Lumia 720
  • Good camera
  • Design
  • Low RAM
  • Low screen resolution
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