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Apple Store goes down ahead of the big reveal

By Salman Ravoof on Wednesday 12th of Sep 2012

Apple’s moment has come and its biggest event of the year is only a few hours away. Apple has already taken its online store offline, no pun intended. It’s a standard procedure for the Cupertino based company, so it’s hardly any …

Apple gearing up for the big reveal on Sep12th, shipping on 21st

By Salman Ravoof on Monday 10th of Sep 2012

Apple has been planning a big announcement on September 12th since a few months and the day inches closer as you read. And as usual, the whole tech world is waiting with beady eyes to know what announcements and surprises …

Rumormill: More on iPhone 5

By Sri Teja Prabhala on Wednesday 8th of Aug 2012

Rumors, Rumors all over the Web. The hottest rumors are always about the iPhone. Even if today were the day of the iPhone’s Release/announcement, rumors go on till the D-Moment. That’s not it. Most of the times, these rumors turn …

Apple iPhone 3GS now at Rs. 9,999 from Aircel

By Rohit Ramesh on Friday 20th of Jul 2012

Remember the iPhone 3GS? Apple’s 2009 smartphone refuses to die. Earlier today, Aircel gave new life to this aging device by slashing it’s price to Rs. 9,999 only. A good deal? It’s darn good considering it doesn’t include any contracts. …