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Toshiba KIRAbook confronts MacBook Air and Pro with high-res display and stellar specs

By Salman Ravoof on Friday 19th of Apr 2013

The sales of Windows related hardware has been on the decline over the years and the land of Windows 8 is filled with innumerable varieties of laptops, some are high-end, and some are thin and light, but never both at …

Panasonic announces 20-inch, 4K Windows 8

By Salman Ravoof on Saturday 12th of Jan 2013

Panasonic introduced a 20-inch tablet at the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas. We missed reporting on this, but in times when people are slowly starting to migrate from bigger 10-inch tablets to the more convenient 7-inch ones, Panasonic has …

Microsoft Surface Pro to release by the end of January

By Salman Ravoof on Friday 4th of Jan 2013

The sales representatives at all the Microsoft Stores expect the Surface Pro to arrive by late January. The timing fits exactly well with the pretty explicit statements Microsoft itself had made last year in its announcement. One store when called …

Fujitsu launches Windows 8 notebook-tablet hybrid Stylistic Q702 for Rs.69,000

By Rohit Ramesh on Thursday 6th of Dec 2012

Adding one more device to the hybrid family, Japanese company Fujitsu has launched a notebook-tablet hybrid Stylistic Q702 for Rs. 69,00 which was announced back in the month of October. This device runs on Windows 8 and comes with an attachable keyboard …

According to IDC Android and iOS will dominate the OS world until 2016

By Rohit Ramesh on Wednesday 5th of Dec 2012

IDC (International Data Corporation), a market research and analysis company has come up with a report stating that Android will dominate the OS world for next four years, IOS will be occupying the second place and when it comes to Windows’ …

Looking to buy a Windows 8 Phone? Here are the best 5 Win 8 phones!

By Rohit Ramesh on Monday 26th of Nov 2012

Nokia, the world’s top mobile manufacture a few years back is going through a very tough time, in Q3 2012. It’s market share has dropped from 23.9% in 3Q 2011 to 19.2 %. It released two phones, Lumia 920 and …

Top 5 Windows 8 business apps

By Rohit Ramesh on Monday 19th of Nov 2012

Bought a tablet, installed Windows 8, now what? The windows store and its great variety of apps puts you in a dilemma? Worry not. Have a look at the 5 very much needed windows apps for your own personal and …

Yoga takes Lenovo into the convertible race

By Rohit Ramesh on Friday 26th of Oct 2012

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga specifications and price. Lenovo Ideapad Yoga is the convertible laptop-cum-tablet. It is available on pre-orders in India. For many buyers, the decision between a laptop and a tablet has always been a tough one to make. Proponents …

HP reveals SpectreOne and other Windows 8 All-In-Ones(AiOs) Desktops

By Rohit Ramesh on Thursday 13th of Sep 2012

HP recently unveiled it’s latest All-In-One Desktops or AiOs for Windows 8, the flagship SpectreOne followed by the Envy 23, Envy 20 and lastly the Pavilion 20. These devices run Windows 8 and are stated for release later this year. …

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Appfest to take place in Bangalore on Sept 21-22

By Salman Ravoof on Wednesday 12th of Sep 2012

Microsoft India has announced the Windows 8 AppFest, the world’s largest coding marathon for building apps. Starting on September 21st and continuing for 18 hours, thousands of talented programmers and designers will gather in Whitefield, Bangalore to bring their ideas …

Windows 8 to include Xbox games

By Rohit Ramesh on Saturday 1st of Sep 2012

Windows 8 launching on 26th October will include some of the best games like Angry birds, Angry birds Space, and Fruit Ninja. Check out more. The Windows 8 whose launch is scheduled around 2 months from now, on October 26th, …

Skype’s new touch friendly design: (Metro)Modern UI comes to Skype

By Rohit Ramesh on Saturday 18th of Aug 2012

Fresh screenshots of Skype for Windows 8 have been leaked. Skype which was acquired by Microsoft for roughly $7 billion has been polished and Metro’ed (now called Modern UI) for integration into Windows 8. Skype’s Windows 8 Modern UI Skype …